Images from the techno club, The Orbit,  Morley near Leeds. 1994


7 thoughts on “Legendary Techno Club – The Orbit, Morley 1994

  1. james,
    recognize a few heads on these pictures, do you have any more
    love your comment, It is, and will always remain, my favourite ever club….I agree totally

  2. Hi James,
    These are incredible photos! My name is Becky and I work in the University of Leeds alumni office on our online scrapbook which is a photo library documenting life in Leeds from the 1950s-modern day. I am contacting you in the hopes that I may be able to use a selection of these images on our scrapbook? They would make fantastic additions and we would, of course, give you full credit for any photos used.
    Best wishes and Merry Christmas,

    Becky Winwood

    1. Hi Becky,
      Really glad you like the images. Please contact me direct via the contact details in the menu.
      All the best


    2. I have just completed my degree at the University of Leeds – studied Food Science and Nutrition: The Orbit was my first club night, my old man took me just after I left school and the music and atmosphere hooked me in definitely best clubbing experiences.
      I’m so glad that these pictures are being included in a history of Leeds. Makes me want to dig my pictures and scrap books out.

      1. Hi Roger at the moment these images are not being included in the History of Leeds project. We could not agree terms for their inclusion.

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