During the last three years as Picture Editor at Universal Images Group, I have gained substantial experience in editing a broad range of RM and RF image collections from around the world.
Subjects include: Architecture, Travel, Lifestyle, Science, Medical, Reportage, Human Interest, Cultural Heritage & Art History.

Collections I have worked on:

Amana, BSIP, Chicago History Museum/Hedrich Blessing, Dorling Kindersley, Eye Ubiquitous, ImageDB/Exotica, JTB, Look at Sciences, Media4Medical, Majority World, National Trust, Newscast, Photofusion, PYMCA, Russian Look, Sovfoto.

Below are some examples. All images courtesy of Universal Images Group


Amana is primarily made up of content from Japan with subject matter spanning landscapes, people, lifestyle and cultural heritage.


The BSIP image collection, is well-known in France and worldwide for its medical and scientific illustrations, health care and lifestyle imagery, research, environmental, and nature stock photography.

The Hedrich Blessing Collection – Chicago History Museum

The Hedrich Blessing Archive from 1929 to 1979 is housed at the Chicago History Museum. It is an architecture collection mostly associated with the modernist movement.

Majority World

Majority World works with talented local photographers from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East who provide unique insights into local cultures, environments and development issues.

National Trust

National Trust Images is the central resource for images of the National Trust. It is home to a unique collection of contemporary and archive photography, illustrating National Trust places and people including buildings, gardens, landscapes, collections and activities.


Sovfoto is the world’s foremost source of photography from Russia, the former Soviet Republics, Eastern Europe, and China with an extensive archive of historical, cultural, economic, geographic, and political material.


Photofusion covers all aspects of life in Britain and is one of the largest sources of social documentary and environmental photography in the UK.